Art Law

We provide legal advice and services to individuals and organizations active in the international art world, with a specific focus on intellectual property and information technology, banking and secured transactions, alternative dispute resolution (arbitration and mediation), bankruptcy, tax, trusts and estates.

Ranging from contract drafting to litigation, we take care of all your legal needs. Through our network of professionals, we are able to assist you in the Baltic countries, as well as in Central and Western Asia.

Drafting agreements (agency, consignment, confidentiality etc.)
Sale & purchase advisory
Dispute resolution
Acquisition, exploitation & protection of Intellectual Property rights
Import/ export, customs compliance and cross-border movement of art
Advice on national treasure laws and restitution
Agency agreements (artist/dealer, seller/dealer, buyer/dealer)
Creating art investment business entities
Donor restrictions on use or display of donated works
Advice on issues concerning legitimate ownership, provenance & due-diligence checks
Review of all sales documentation
Representation of buyers and sellers at auction houses; financial & legal negotiations
Representation of clients in private sale / purchase negotiations
Handling funds through escrow
Logistics & payment arrangements
Fraud and authenticity disputes
Defective title claims
Cultural heritage claims that include restitution
Artists’ rights
Market research / selling strategy
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Case studies & publications
IT and media law case studies

We are happy to provide more information on request and prove our expertise in person. Please feel free to contact us at any time:

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