What makes us unique

IPnovus Law is an international law firm with a widely developed legal network of independent lawyers in the Baltic countries including Finland, as well as in Central and Western Asia, created with the purpose of delivering accessible and efficient services to international clients throughout the market. We eliminate the necessity for our clients to engage many separate law firms in the regions by solving any and all of their needs through one legal window.

Quality, Speed and Fees are three key factors of our services. We are true legal specialists in the maze of intricate IP and IT laws in each country and region we have our representatives at. The distinctive cultural and legal experience of our legal team allows us to examine our clients’ cases from multiple perspectives, allowing us to combine multiple skill sets to create the most logical solution. In our high-speed, internet-driven world, rapid response time is not only appreciated but demanded. Affordable rates, combined with efficient service, create repeat business and referrals.

Core values
Integrity is key at IPnovus Law, and we apply it at all levels of our working relationships. Our aim is to think outside the box and to develop efficient and smart practices.
At IPnovus Law we believe in team work and knowledge sharing amongst the members of our team network. We take joint responsibility to deliver high quality services to all our clients.
Qualitative relationships, aligned with your business strategy and excellence, is what we aim for. We aim to be your privileged partner in the marketplace.
Our projects

Many of our clients are well known international corporations, however, we advise companies of all sizes – from multinationals to small private entities – in IP law and most areas of commercial law. We are happy to provide more information on request. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Key team members
All regions
Jolanta Kaminskaite-Jonusauskiene
Managing Partner (All regions)
Graham Arthur
Of Counsel
Gundars Abolins
Managing Partner (Riga office)
Olegi Simsive
Of counsel for Central Asia
Narine Mkrtchyan
Anton Levin
Senior Attorney at Law
Edita Ivanauskiene
Of Counsel
Vilija Apiniene
Chief of Operations
Andrey Androschuk
Senior Attorney at Law (Moscow office)
Oksana Aristarkhova
Junior Attorney at Law
Ekaterina Vanyushina
Office Manager
Your goals are our goals

At IPnovus Law we believe that by helping our clients to reach their goals we reach ours. Through our network of legal services we aim to be your local partner for business expansion in the highly diverse marketplace. Our specialization is General law and Intellectual Property (IP) law.

In the area of Intellectual Property law, we are dedicated in helping you to protect your IP rights through the implementation of a cost efficient enforcement program. We are proud to act as Regional Legal Counsel for multinational corporations in the Baltic countries, Central and Western Asia, and Russia (for international clients only).

We offer legal support to our clients across the commercial area with special emphasis on contract and corporate law. We have in-depth knowledge of the IT industry and we also have a lot of experience in the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) industry.

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